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Facebook targeting and optimisation

Conversed leverages the extensive possibilities for targeting by demographic and lifestyle variables that Facebook advertising offers to identify our clients’ target groups and to convert them into customers. The targeting strategies we use on Facebook include granular targeting by variables such as age / gender / location / education level / work / relationship status / sexual orientation / language / friends / location.

In addition to extensive demographic targeting, Conversed uses Facebook’s search, category and keyword targeting to find our clients’ target demographic and lifestyle groups and to convert these target groups into sales or fans, or expose them to the brand. The deep demographic targeting in combination with keyword targeting allow us to minimise waste and make sure we target the right person with the right message.

As advertising on Facebook offers so much data for optimisation, Conversed builds an optimisation algorithm for each of these demographic, lifestyle and keyword target groups through our unique set of optimisation tools. This optimisation algorithm is custom designed to optimise towards the greatest exposure among the target group, the lowest cost per lead, or the highest ROI.

Retargeting on Facebook

With the introduction of Website Custom Audiences on Facebook, retargeting became a whole lot more effective. Conversed uses Website Custom Audiences for many purposes and one of those is retargeting. Through the use of Website Custom Audiences we can combine all Facebook’s native demographic, lifestyle, interest and keyword data, with the data about what product or service the consumer has looked at. By combining these two, we can show an ad which combines the product of the consumers interest, matched with their demographic & lifestyle profile.

The FBX is short for the Facebook Exchange, which is essentially Facebook’s Sell Side Platform. The Facebook Exchange allows us to use First and Third Party Data through Real Time Bidding on Facebook.  Through the FBX we can retarget our client’s prospects on Facebook and convert them into sales.

Pervorm was one of the first agencies in the Netherlands to specialise in Real Time Bidding. Because Conversed is a subsidiary of Pervorm, we have a unique position in the market when it comes to optimising our client’s campaigns on Facebook Exchange. Pervorm specialises in leveraging first party and third party data through Real Time Bidding on Sell Side Platforms such as FBX, and Conversed cooperates closely with Pervorm to ensure that Facebook Exchange generates the maximum return on investment for our clients.

Facebook custom audience & lookalike audiences

Conversed is able to identify the existing customers of our clients on Facebook and target them with a custom proposition. This gives us a unique opportunity to generate renewal sales among existing customers on Facebook or to eliminate waste by excluding existing customers from targeting.

Custom Audiences are an extremely effective way of identifying your existing customers on Facebook. Conversed is able to combine this customer data with demographic and keyword targeting and to segment and target our current client customer base into further segments, so each client segment can be approached with exactly the right message.

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Data driven design

Social Performance Advertising Design is a cyclical process. Our design team is continuously briefed on the performance of the design. The design of our campaigns is in this way continuously being tweaked and altered to find the perfect design for the target we are trying to achieve for our clients.

Social advertising freaks

Yes, we are nerds and we are freaks. We love Social Advertising in the most intimate way. We dream about new Social Advertising when we go to bed, and smile when we think of Social Advertising when we get up in the morning. So please excuse our Social Advertising obsession, but we just love what we do.

We are entrepreneurs

We are entrepreneurs. We are a relatively small agency and know how important it is to make a return on every Euro or Dollar we spend for ourselves and for our clients. We care about our clients budgets as it were our own money, and that is a fact.