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Facebook mobile advertising

Consumers are rapidly increasing time spent online on mobile devices at the expense of time spent on desktop computers. Mobile Phone and Tablet advertising still lags behind consumer behaviour, as many advertisers have not yet found ways to effectively monetise mobile traffic. Most major social media platforms are seeing over half of their traffic coming from mobile devices, or are now approaching the tipping point, and Facebook is no exception.

A huge portion of time spent on Facebook is spent on mobile devices. Conversed has extensive experience with mobile Facebook advertising campaigns and knows exactly which targets can be achieved through Mobile Advertising and which targets should be pursued on Desktop.

Mobile advertising requires a completely different approach in terms of creative design and optimisation. The targeting is however quite similar to Facebook desktop targeting. Conversed leverages the deep granular demographic targeting on Facebook’s mobile site and app to optimise our clients’ campaigns. Facebook offers deep targeting for mobile app and mobile page campaigns including granular targeting for variables such as age / gender / location / education level / work / relationship status / sexual orientation / language / friends / location.

Conversed builds an optimisation algorithm for each of these demographic, lifestyle and keyword target groups in the same way as with Facebook Desktop advertising optimisation. This optimisation algorithm is custom-designed to optimise for the greatest exposure within a target group, the lowest cost per fan, or the highest ROI.

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Data driven design

Social Performance Advertising Design is a cyclical process. Our design team is continuously briefed on the performance of the design. The design of our campaigns is in this way continuously being tweaked and altered to find the perfect design for the target we are trying to achieve for our clients.

Social advertising freaks

Yes, we are nerds and we are freaks. We love Social Advertising in the most intimate way. We dream about new Social Advertising when we go to bed, and smile when we think of Social Advertising when we get up in the morning. So please excuse our Social Advertising obsession, but we just love what we do.

We are entrepreneurs

We are entrepreneurs. We are a relatively small agency and know how important it is to make a return on every Euro or Dollar we spend for ourselves and for our clients. We care about our clients budgets as it were our own money, and that is a fact.