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Conversed helps brands to optimise their mobile investments across all social networks. Whether you are looking for exposure among a certain target group, you are aiming to generate sales and leads, or you want to drive Mobile App Installs, Conversed will create and execute a strategy to ensure that you realise their mobile advertising targets.

Our in house designers have a lot of experience in effective mobile design and our Social Performance Engineers use a unique combination of mobile conversion optimisation and targeting tools, which allow us to optimize our clients mobile investments in the same way we do on desktop.

Facebook mobile advertising

Conversed has extensive experience with mobile Facebook advertising campaigns and knows exactly which targets can be achieved through Mobile Advertising and which targets should be pursued on Desktop.

Twitter mobile advertising

Conversed leverages the wide range of interest and lifestyle targeting categories that are available on Twitter to find and convert your target group. We cooperate closely with our clients to define how the mobile funnel differs from desktop conversions.


Data driven design

Social Performance Advertising Design is a cyclical process. Our design team is continuously briefed on the performance of the design. The design of our campaigns is in this way continuously being tweaked and altered to find the perfect design for the target we are trying to achieve for our clients.

Social advertising freaks

Yes, we are nerds and we are freaks. We love Social Advertising in the most intimate way. We dream about new Social Advertising when we go to bed, and smile when we think of Social Advertising when we get up in the morning. So please excuse our Social Advertising obsession, but we just love what we do.

We are entrepreneurs

We are entrepreneurs. We are a relatively small agency and know how important it is to make a return on every Euro or Dollar we spend for ourselves and for our clients. We care about our clients budgets as it were our own money, and that is a fact.